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School Policies

School Policies


Students should NOT use electronic devices during class.  The one exception to this rule is with permission from the teacher to use for educational purposes.

AVHS is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen electronic devices.  Security personnel will not investigate such incidents.
Please see the attachment below for updated policies related to attendance and absence verification:
ATTENDANCE POLICY The ultimate responsibility for positive school attendance rests with the parents and students, with the school assisting them to fulfill that responsibility. Reasonable attempts will be made by the school through phone calls or the mail to inform parents/guardians of student absenteeism. Regular school attendance is essential for much of the success students attain from their high school programs. Students should remain out of school only when it is absolutely necessary. 18 Students’ participation in class discussions, listening to lectures, clarifications and explanations, viewing or listening to audiovisual materials, and attending school assembly programs are considered an integral part of the educational program. It is impossible to gain the full significance of any class presentation through make-up work. Therefore, AVUSHD Policy 5113, adopted by the Antelope Valley Union High School District Board of Trustees, requires the following attendance procedures: ATTENDANCE REGULATIONS California school law requires that a student attend school regularly and punctually. The only legal absences by the State of California are: 1. illness 2. quarantine 3. doctor or dental appointment 4. juvenile court appointments 5. funeral in the immediate family Days allowed for missing school for a funeral are as follows: a) local (1) b) out of area (3) c) out of state (5) REPORTING AND VERIFYING ABSENCES The procedure for reporting or verifying a student’s absence is as follows: 1. It is preferred that parents call the Attendance Office the same day a student is absent to confirm the reason for the absence. All absences MUST be cleared within 5 school days. It is recommended that absences be cleared with a note, but can also be done via phone. 2. When clearing an absence with a note, the student must bring the note to the Attendance Office upon return – no later than prior to 1st period. The note must be signed by a parent or guardian and must include a phone number where the parent or guardian can be reached. 3. If an absence is not cleared by the parent or guardian by phone or note upon the student’s return to school, the student will be considered absent. An absence not cleared will be recorded as an all-day unverified absence. An unverified absence can be made-up by attending Voluntary Saturday School. CLEARING A STUDENT’S ATTENDANCE IS A PARENTAL OBLIGATION AND MUST BE DONE WITHIN 5 SCHOOL DAYS OF THE ABSENCE. · If a student is going to be absent more than ten (20) days and a doctor verifies the illness in writing, a home teacher may be provided on request. · For absences more than five (5) days for reasons other than illness, Short Term Independent Study is available. Please contact the Attendance Office prior to the absence so work can be received before departing. 19 NOTES FROM THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE Please make sure your emergency cards are updated and on file. When picking up a student during the school day, the individual: 1. Must have Photo I.D. 2. Must be parent/guardian or must be listed on emergency card. 3. Must come to the Attendance Office – no phone authorizations accepted. 4. Must not be a current AVHS student. WITHDRAWAL PROCESS · The parent/guardian must come to the attendance office with intention to withdraw student. · The parent/guardian completes a withdrawal form. · The parent/student must return textbooks, library books, and athletic equipment and pay all outstanding charges and fines owed to the school. CLASSWORK MAKE-UP POLICY If an absence is anticipated, the student and parent should arrange to have class work assigned. · Excused absences – all work missed may be made up. · Suspensions – missed work may be made up only at the discretion of the teacher. (Education Code: (48913) · Truancy – missed work may be made up at the discretion of the teacher. · Other absences – missed work may be made up at the discretion of the teacher. TARDIES Tardiness is a failure to appear on time and is considered a form of absence. It is the student’s responsibility to be in the classroom and ready to work before the tardy bell rings. Such common problems as car trouble and oversleeping are unacceptable reasons for tardiness to school and are considered an unexcused tardy or absence. TRUANCIES If an absence is not cleared by the parent/guardian by a phone call or note upon the student’s return to school, the student will be considered truant at the end of the second day. An absence that is not cleared is recorded as an all-day truancy. Based on parent notification of truancies, students can be assigned Saturday school or other disciplinary action. Education Code 48260.5 provides that legal action may be taken against a student and/or parent when a student is declared a habitual truant. 20 CLOSED CAMPUS AND PROCEDURE FOR LEAVING CAMPUS Antelope Valley High School is a closed campus by order of the Board of Education. This means that once students have arrived on campus, they may not leave without an official campus pass completed and verified by a school official. The attendance office issues routine off-campus passes. Leaving campus, for any reason, without an off-campus pass is a closed campus violation subject to discipline. OUT OF CLASS No students are permitted out of class without a pass. Teachers must provide an official AVHS written pass (or planner) for each student leaving class. This policy will include student aides. Students found out of class without a pass may receive disciplinary action. P.E. AREA Students are only allowed in the P.E. area during the period they have a class there. Students found in the P.E. area for any other reason may receive disciplinary action.